Daily musing #1

How do you find your center? 🌀 It’s helpful to identify How when you are already There, in your Vortex, in a flow state, in the place of possibility, love, & gratitude. 🔯 When you are Here, take note of what you & your body are doing. Take a moment to follow the breadcrumbs... Are... Continue Reading →

A memory

A story... It was over a year ago that I first set foot in the Camelia House. I had been invited to an evening yoga class by a friend of mine- I wasn't expecting the giant, glowing old house on Jefferson street to be my destination. I walked up to the porch, and was taken... Continue Reading →

Alex (Aya)

Known for her magnetic personality, intuitive ability Alex is a lifelong artist, & mystic. She is a certified yoga teacher, and a student of Ayurveda, has studied nutrition in college, and continually practices svadhyaya or self-study. Her interests include Yoga & Ayurveda, creativity, movement, Neroplasticity, nutrition, biohacking, subtle energy medicine, cooking, painting, philosophy, quantum physics,... Continue Reading →

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